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The courage to dive in.😉 The freedom to be for a woman has always been defined by all that is around her apart from her.That she has really lost herself in peoples opinions and expectations of her.In the words of Founding President,SisterHood Agenda ''Gendered expectations fail to consider a girls desires, needs and personality. Everyone around us has decided how we should look,dress,how we should feel, relate,what we should dream and even how to deal with our pain.So we hesitate when we desire to freely and fully express ourselves.We look around,checking for who might be watching. Just in case we miss the set mark of being a version of a "good girl". Then we unfortunately miss out on being. Being the best version of ourselves.Finding out who we really are.What makes us happy.Our dreams and passions.Taking time to search those places deep within.To find freedom and peace in ourselves.Our societal dictators might have pinned us against each other, but our di

Throw Away Your Towel! NOW LOOK!

It begins at that place of acceptance.    The only way to see your differences from that other girl as something special. See yourself as you are. No. Do not grin or cover the flaws. Throw away that towel. Now look.       Love each part. Touch your body, soul, mind and spirit with a gentleness and kindness they deserve.I hear you.Its far from perfect.And it's okay.Love it perfectly.Submit to what it is now and give it the breath to be better. When you finally allow anyone to touch your body,soul,mind and spirit.Let them find that those places are already warm from your own gentle carresses,unashamed attention and love. Love,Peace and Joy. That Girl Relatable.😘


I think every girl is that GIRL relatable. We go through so many similar situations that our differences really just become where we resonate.We almost feel the same things and almost struggle the same ways.We share a common love hate relationship with the mirror and feed on attention. Its hard being a black girl with kinky hair,but who said its easy being a white girl.Its really hard being a fat girl,but who said the skinny girl doesn't worry if her ass is thick enough. We all at times dread looking at the mirror let alone glimpse at that developing stretch mark. Let's just share a glass of wine and hush it out.💓 I  #thatGIRLrelatable will not use another girl's struggle to soothe mine but allow my struggles to resonate with hers. A work of art is what we are. A master piece. MONALISA! Love,peace and joy That Girl Relatable.😘


Welcome to that GIRL relatable!💙 This blog is all about you. This space will be where you feel understood and justified to be you. Where you can take off your heels,make-up and throw away your bra. A place where you can let go of all those real and true emotions and accept them as yours. I promise you that there is no embarrassment or pretense here. This is your space.And that GIRL relatable has allowed you to let down your hair. Lets go on a journey of self-discovery.Bring your coffee or glass of wine.Lets be sober and drunk together.No barriers ,color,size,or hair type.Just heart and laughter.That GIRL relatable is you. Walk in your t-shirt and panties and be free.Allow that GIRL relatable to reach you.BECAUSE honey, we are all alike.😉 Love,peace and joy. That Girl Relatable.  😘