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1) I will not loose sight of who I am in the reflection of who they see.

2) I will not allow fear to cage me in.

3) I will not shy away from flying higher than my wings can carry me.

4) I will not look back and turn to salt.

5) I will not allow their opinions embrace me.

6) I will not dance to music I don't like.

Love, Peace & Joy

@That Girl Relatable😍😍


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Living in the moment. Inhaling the good air. Feeling it all. Responding to all the good things going on in your life. You deserve that. Enjoy it even if you can’t wrap your head around it. Your freedom is your loudest laugh. Your deliverer is your joy. The warmth on your skin is enough proof that you’re alive.  Move to the beats and drums of the clear symphony in your heart. Embrace it warmly and don’t let it go. Untangle the wires that trap you. The voices that control you. Unwrap yourself and whisk fear away. Brick by brick with love and respect bring down the walls around your heart. Lay bare and feel. Believe it and say it. “It feels good….it feels really good’’. Enjoy the moments that are beautiful in your life. Notice and say them out loud .Celebrate them. Celebrate feeling. That Girl Relatable.😘

Throw Away Your Towel! NOW LOOK!

It begins at that place of acceptance.    The only way to see your differences from that other girl as something special. See yourself as you are. No. Do not grin or cover the flaws. Throw away that towel. Now look.       Love each part. Touch your body, soul, mind and spirit with a gentleness and kindness they deserve.I hear you.Its far from perfect.And it's okay.Love it perfectly.Submit to what it is now and give it the breath to be better. When you finally allow anyone to touch your body,soul,mind and spirit.Let them find that those places are already warm from your own gentle carresses,unashamed attention and love. Love,Peace and Joy. That Girl Relatable.😘