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I think every girl is that GIRL relatable.

We go through so many similar situations that our differences really just become where we resonate.We almost feel the same things and almost struggle the same ways.We share a common love hate relationship with the mirror and feed on attention.

Its hard being a black girl with kinky hair,but who said its easy being a white girl.Its really hard being a fat girl,but who said the skinny girl doesn't worry if her ass is thick enough.
We all at times dread looking at the mirror let alone glimpse at that developing stretch mark.

Let's just share a glass of wine and hush it out.💓
I  #thatGIRLrelatable will not use another girl's struggle to soothe mine but allow my struggles to resonate with hers.

A work of art is what we are.

A master piece.

Love,peace and joy

That Girl Relatable.😘


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Closed doors.

See through windows and locked closets mirror our lives.We try to shut ourselves in.To hide our scars and deepest secrets.We do not want anyone to know who we are and where we really are.We disappear in ourselves and the notion that we are all alone.

The wind carrying that wave of fresh air, life and rejuvenation is the people you look at right in the eye and close the doors of your life on.That GIRL relatable is free.Free to be and let be.She dances in as the wind blows her face and lets leaves of healing hit her face and receives life.

She is vulnerable and open.She is seen for who she is and cherishes all that she wants to be.She can be leaned on.She is warm and free of knots.She understands the language of woman because her doors are wide open and her windows ajar.She is hopeful,not unscarred.

She is that GIRL relatable.

Love. Peace. Joy.

That GIRL relatable.😘